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Hi, I am Benjamin Carman

I am a Mathematics and Computer Science Student

From math to music and from computing to community, I am an avid learner with a number of passions. 

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About Me

As a mathematics and computer science student, singer, saxophonist, sailor, researcher, traveler, friend, brother, and son—I love to keep busy.

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At a Glance

My Skillset


C++, Python, Rust, Java, Coq, HTML5, CSS3, NumPy, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Pandas, OpenCV, OpenMP

Algorithmic Design

Experience in research areas including operations research, machine learning, computer vision, & software verification


Strong writer, public speaker, team player, and servant leader. Proficient in Spanish and beginner in German.

Computing for Social Good

From algorithmically ending gerrymandering to applying reinforcement learning to combat poaching, I have taken every chance possible to apply my skills and make a difference. Check out my portfolio and Github to see some of my recent work and my blog to find out about some of my passions.

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